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About Us
Media Designs is a graphic design company specializing in three-dimensional vehicle wrap graphics. David Bavati, owner/operator, has been designing truck graphics for the past 23 years and is experienced in the process of designing graphics for the three-dimensional surface of a vehicle. Kathy Moncelsi has over 24 years of experience in Graphic Design and has been with Media Designs for 7 years.
David Bavati
Kathy Moncelsi - Graphic Designer
Kathy Moncelsi

The Process

Media Designs will take your ideas (whether they be rough or detailed) and create a design that will  make your vision come to life. If you already have a company logo and brand identity, we will incorporate it into the design. If you haven't established your brand style yet or need a new logo, we will create one for you. We can provide high resolution images for your design, use your own high resolution images if you have them, or shoot professional photos of your products.
Studies show that in a single year, an average delivery truck can make 16 MILLION visual impressions!
When comparing the cost per square foot, per thousand impressions of a VEHICLE GRAPHIC (approximately $0.21 per sq ft cpm) with the average cost of a billboard (approximately $2.40 per sq ft cpm)

The Next Step

You tell us the type, make, and size of your vehicle and we go to work. Within a couple of days, we will email you exciting designs, showing what your vehicle will look like. Then we welcome your input. The creative process comes from us, but the final decision is yours and we will make changes as per your taste and your corporate needs. This process could take a few days, or weeks, or more. We will work with you until the design is exactly what you are looking for. When the design is completed to your satisfaction, we will send it to you and your printer/sign company, which will apply the decals onto your truck. We will be available to answer any questions and provide assistance to your local sign company or printer.
Striking vehicle graphics are the most efficient marketing tool to build brand awareness and promote your products and services. It is a form of outdoor media that studies show, provides the widest audience reach of any other media form. Surveys have also shown that advertising on vehicles create powerful and positive impressions of the advertised brand.
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